Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic physicians (N.D.’s) are general practitioners trained as specialists in natural medicine and preventive health care.  

Second Opinion

Find out if Dr. Cholewa’s unique approach can provide effective solutions to your health problems.


  • Professional choice as the "go-to naturopathic physician”
    I have a lot to say because I so highly recommend this practitioner. Having experience many practitioners in my line of work over the years, Dr. Ian Cholewa is my personal and professional choice as the "go-to naturopathic physician" to assess the indefinable "what's going on with my health." Mostly importantly, I find "Dr. Ian" as he is affectionately referred to, trustworthy, kind, and very focused in helping me get to the root cause of arising or lingering health conditions over the years.  Mahalo nui loa, Dr. Ian. 
    –Unmani Cynthia Groves, Maui, Hawaii
    Health care practice management consultant to professionals since 1985

  • I'm doing so much better now!,  I just have to tell you how amazing I feel.  I think I forgot what a normal tummy should feel like. I'd been suffering so long!  I cannot begin to feel grateful enough to have found you!  I don't remember the last time my body has felt this great!! –Jacqueline Livingston, Marina Del Rey, California

  • Wonderful results, substantial improvements in my overall health
    Dr. Ian Cholewa has helped me greatly with the health of my digestive system which lead to substantial improvements in my overall health. I have found Dr. Cholewa’s in-office assessments to be non-invasive and extremely helpful. For example, he is able to quickly and accurately pinpoint specific food and environmental allergies, various types of infections and environmental toxins. Most of his treatments are non-invasive and based on preventive medicine. I have had wonderful results due to his treatments! –Jo Anne Lipinski, Maui, Hawaii

  • Accurate Diagnostician, Effective and Efficient
       I’ve been seeing Dr Cholewa for over 4 years and he has been extremely helpful in diagnosing my health problems. Using a specialized diagnostic instrument, Dr. Cholewa is able to quickly get to the root causes of my health problems. I greatly appreciate because it translates into significant time and money savings for me. His methods have consistently helped me to get through my health episodes faster than ever before. I am MUCH healthier now than when I first started seeing him. He identified and effectively treated never properly diagnosed infections. He’s also taught me how to deal with my food allergies and sensitivities. This had very significant positive impact on my overall health and well being.  Lastly, Dr. Cholewa’s office is run very efficiently and I appreciate that, as I work full-time and time is a real factor for me. – Shelley Nalepa, Maui, Hawaii

  • An excellent naturopathic doctor.  He is thorough, kind, honest, and a wonderful diagnostician. He was able to zero in on the specific cause of my health problems in one visit. If you want someone with integrity, and who is a wonderful healer, he's the doctor for you.–amitaschmidt

  • Excellent doctor, very informative and patient.  Definitely helped me on the path to better health. –maggiemay